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Chichidokoro Harunire 乳処 ハルニレ
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(Thu) am9:00

Pre-Opening 1.30

(Tue) am10:00


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Dairy farmers and cheese artisans from all over the country,
Cheese made with care one by one.
We handle yogurt, dairy products sweets, etc.
A store specializing in dairy products that are particular about MADE in JAPAN.

Cheese/Yogurt/Dairy sweets

A dairy specialty store that is particular about MADE in JAPAN, selling cheese, yogurt, dairy sweets, and more that are carefully made one by one by dairy farmers and cheese artisans from all over the country.

Harunire ハルニレ

The store name "Harunire" is derived from the name of a tree that stands in Toyokoro Town in the Tokachi region of Hokkaido, the dairy kingdom.

This tree is made up of two trees that are close to each other, and it has been rooted in this area for about 150 years (estimated age) and is loved by many people, never leaving it even on rainy days, snowy days, or in times of disaster.

Just like Harunire, we work together with the producers and aim to be a store that will be loved by our customers forever.

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6-5-1 Toyosu, Koto-ku, Tokyo 135-0061 (Adjacent to Toyosu Market)

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Harunire =  Toyosu Thousand Customers Banrai 2nd floor Connoisseur Alley

● Transportation

"Ichibae station 4 minutes walk from

 * Connected to “Ichiba-mae Station” on the 2nd floor with a pedestrian deck

≪Tokyo BRT≫
"In front of Toyosu Market3 minutes walk from
"Michino Terrace Toyosu7 minutes walk from “(Toyosu Market)”

≪Toei Bus≫
"Market front station5 minutes walk from
"Shin-Toyosu Station9 minutes walk from

Road map to Toyosu Senkyakubanrai
Toyosu Senkyakubanrai Map


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